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We are the leading online distributor in high quality Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. Over 1 MILLION sensors sold worldwide. Start saving fuel and extending your tire life now!

How Does It Work?

In short, tire pressure sensors are designed for driver safety by gauging real-time, tire air pressure levels then alerting you when levels are too low or too high.

The Benefits

  • Reduce Fuel Use: For every 20% of under-inflation on each tire, a 4% reduction in fuel economy will occur.
  • Extend Tire Life: Proper inflation can extend the life of your tires up to 20%.
  • Properly inflated tires greatly reduce the chances of blowouts and tire tear; which is a HUGE safety benefit.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Longer tire life, in short, means conserving more of our planet’s natural resources.
  • We cover all passenger vehicles including light duty vehicles, certain trucks, rv's, buses and trailers.

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